The mission of the Security Virtual Chapter is to provide guidance and education, and to foster open discussion on security topics as they pertain to SQL Server and its environment.
Welcome to the PASS Security Virtual Chapter
Security is hard, and is hardly convenient - yet in today's world, it becomes absolutely necessary. Security touches upon infrastructure, code, and even things in the "physical" world. It is much more than Administration and Development.

The Security Virtual Chapter will cover the following topics and much more:
- SQL Server surface area and Attack vectors (SQL injection, etc)
- Encryption
- Security standards and best practices
- Forensics
- Audits and regulatory compliance
- Authentication and authorization

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Deep Dive on Encryption in SQL Server/SQL Database
Presenter: Raul Garcia
Date: Thurs, Sep 3, 2015 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PDT

This talk is a deep dive on protecting sensitive data at rest on SQL Server. We will cover several SQL technologies that are available on SQL Server and on Azure SQL Database. This discussion will cover Transparent Database Encryption, Cell-Level Encryption, and a new feature that allows to encrypt data on the client: Always Encrypted.

Level: 200-300

Speaker bio:
Raul Garcia is a Program Manager at Microsoft on the SQL Security team, working on new features for SQL Server and Azure SQL Database. He blogs at and is currently focused on data protection.


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